Aud, the Deep Minded

Ride of the Valkyrie

As stated in the Gargas the ancient Norse law, in the Vicking society women were working inside the home or attending the farming. They were under the protection of their fathers or husbands and couldn’t own anything apart in the unfortunate case of their husbands’ death.

Women were prohibited from cutting their hair short, dressing male clothes and participating in the government. Anyway they were also very much protected from domestic and outside violence.

Aud, instead, comes out as a powerful matriarchal figure.  The principal sources that tell us about her are two sagas: the Laxdaela, and the Icelanders, which narrate in a mixture of real facts and myth the stories of six generation of individuals descended from the Norwegian emigrants in Iceland and the passage from paganism to Christianity in the land. Aud is cited as one of the earlier settlers in Iceland.Image

Her father was a vicking commander and so were her husband and son.  After the death of these men she had a vicking ship built and left for Iceland with onboard 20 freemen and a number of bondsmen. Over the years she freed many men and gave them lands. When Aud died she was buried in a ship inside a mould honour reserved only for rich and powerful men.


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