Katherine Schori and women in the Church of England.

 ‘Respect’ means taking somebody else in their own terms; letting them define what they believe, what they think, who they are.  It means trying to find a settlement that allows them to recognise in whatever emerges that their views have been taken seriously. (Rowan William, Archbishop of Canterbury, 2012).

Katherine Schori was made Primate in 2006. She is the first woman to attain this status in the Anglican Communion. And that happened in 2006 in USA. KatherineSchori

Today in England the admission of women to the Episcopate is a matter of strong dispute. Last November the General Synod Of the Church of England voted against the Reform. It has been on the society agenda for years. But failed to pass because the opponents suggested that whenever a parish would request a male bishop, that should be provided. Opposition comes from theological doctrine and tradition. Today 16 November 2012 strikinapose popped in St. Michael Church in Wood Green, London and asked the mass attendants their takes about women bishops.

photoIsabel, 86, said that women and men have different roles. Women are excellent at their thing but would not be good bishops, in her opinion.

Anyway the decision of the Synod provoked a diffuse outcry inside the Church and out. Some advocate the intervention of Parliament. In the diocese of Hereford women were urged to wear aprons in sign of protest.

The fact is that in the Church of England women have been ordained priests since 1993. They have been readers since 1861. And most people don’t understand why it takes so long to admit them in the Episcopate considering that in 2010 more women then men were made priests. Neither do we…


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