Vivienne Westwood: why not look like a goddess?!

“Buy well, choose less, make it last”

Vivienne Westwood is a british fashion designer and a political activist on human rights and climate change.Based in Lodon she has a thriving business that has its center in the famous avenue of King’s Road.
She was teacher for nearly 5 years before becoming a fashion designer. She had been making clothes since her teenage years. Vivienne became incredibly popular in the 70’s when together with her boyfriend Malcolm Maclaren started to design clothes based on the concept of Rock’N’Roll first and than Punk Rock. They thought that this style would attract the attention of people and they thought well. Punk Rock was mostly a cultural choice.Vivienne-Westwood It would express Vivienne pledge to a cultural and economic revolution since the world was and still is mismanaged
by governments. She believes that it is silly to think of fashion as a political crusade but still it combines the vision of how the world could be better with the art. It could be a platform to talk politics and this is why Westwood put slogans in her collections. Fashion in her words inspire a better life and therefore can make people engaged with the world as other forms of cultural expressions; fashion for Vivienne is in itself a potential expression of human dignity and autonomy when thinking about countries or times when people had to wear the same.
She believes in the power of history in making the individual think with its own mind and less dependent from any form of conditioning.