Frida Kalho: Against all odds

         “Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?”

Frida Kahlo, was born in Mexico in 1910. The main episode during her youth was a traffic accident. In the aftermath she had to undergo several surgical operations despite which she never recovered completely from the accident and she was never able to have a child. Frida was forced to bed for a number of months; and in this period of time she began to paint self-portraits; regarding this choice of style later she would recall that her body and her mind were the subject she knew best. In the 30’s Frida married the painter Diego Rivera and followed him wherever he had a commission. So she was able to visit USA and France and in both places at the end of the 30’s she was able to set her own exhibitions. Her style was a mixture of original elements, features from the mexican fine arts tradition and surrealism. She was active in the mexican communist party.
Her self-portraits as well as her personal photographs display a woman not afraid to show her natural hairs in her face and her eyebrows. For this and for her affairs with both sexes Frida become an icon of the feminist movement during the 70’s. Her story is a mixture of sadness, and success.frida