About We the Women of the World

WWW is about women AND is not against men.

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For thousands years gender roles were determined worldwide by an economic context which required men to work and women to attend mostly to domestic tasks. This kind of deal have been working quite happily for both side.

In the last 2 centuries things have been changing constantly on the economic level with women taking on several identical responsibilities as men. Every change is met with resistance. So it’ s also a case for women who often complain about having 2 jobs (one outside and one inside home) or quit their carrer in order to take care of their family, and so on. Hence the birth of  many social movements around a new women identity based on a new shared collective experience, the one inside a urban background made of factories, retails, schools and offices.

This blog want to be a simple celebration of some remarkable women, who with their achivement and thoughts contributed to expand world culture and or their micro-society weelbeing. Like with every humanbeing also the life of these individuals is full of shadows but striking a pose is not a place for proper biographies so I will consciously omit the shadows in the effort to underscore  the lights in the briefest and most comprehensive way possible.


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